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cebook Reference Books - We read many of the recent publications and if they are good reference books, we will reference them here as good sources to evaluate for technical information.

ARRL Antenna Book
By Gerald L. Hall, 1984, ARRL, 327 pages. Gerald was editor and a ham radio operator, K1TD.      Read More>>

Classic Works in RF Engineering
By Walker, Myer, Raab & Trask, 2006, Artech House, 371 pages. Look at the Original works by Roderick K. Blocksome, retired Collins Engineer, in this collection.      Read More>>

Communication Systems Engineering
By J.G. Proakis & M. Salehi, 1994, Prentice Hall, 889 pages. This is a great work in digital communications.      Read More>>

Ferromagnetic Core Design Application Handbook
By M.F. "Doug" DeMaw, 1981 Prentice-Hall Inc. 256 pages. Doug was an IEEE member and Graduate Engineer.      Read More>>

Magnetic Components Design & Applications
By Steve Smith, 1985, Van Nostrand Reinhold Co., 345 pages. Steve was Director of Research at Quatt Wunkery and this thought provoking work tells the whole story      Read More>>

Radio Engineering Handbook
By Keith Henney, 1950, McGraw-Hill Book Co. Inc., 1197 pages. Keith was a fellow Institute of Radio Engineers      Read More>>

Radio Handbook
By William I. Orr, 1978, Howard W. Sams & Co., 1080 pages. William was a ham radio operator, W6SA1.      Read More>>

Radio Receiver Design
By Kevin McClaning & Tom Vito, 2000, Noble Publishing Corporation, 778 pages. Both Kevin & Tom have MSEE from John Hopkins and their work here allows the reader a thorough understanding of Receiver building blocks and their interactions as they are cascaded together      Read More>>

RF Circuit Design
By Chris Bowick, 1982, Howard W. Sams & Co., 176 pages. Chris has BSEE (G-Tech), an ex-Collins Engr and a ham radio operator, WB4UHY.      Read More>>

RF & Microwave Handbook
By Mike Golio, Editor in Chief, 2001, CRC Press, 592 pages. Mike holds a PhD and was a Director at Rockwell Collins.      Read More>>

Secrets of RF Circuit Design
By Joseph J. Carr, 1991, TAB Books, 405 pages. Joseph was an EE and a ham radio operator.      Read More>>

Transmission Line Transformers
By Jerry Sevick, 1990, The American Radio Relay League (ARRL), 296 pages. Jerry has a BSEE, a member IEEE and an active ham radio operator, W2FM1.      Read More>>