New Products 

usb iconTheta-j Associates works with their customers to provide the highest performing components, modules & sub-assemblies for your applications. This section covers new products that can be shared with the general public, others are confined to non-disclosure and proprietary situations. Contact your local MRE if you have an idea without a manufacturing home for that idea, as we may be able to find a partner from within our suppliers & partners to provide that device or service.

ATLANTA MICRO High Dynamic Range Broadband Amplifiers & Gain Blocks operating from DC to 26.5GHz, RF Switches operating from DC to 26.5GHz, Digital Step Attenuators operating from DC to 20GHz, Broadband Power Splitters operating from DC to 26GHz, Atlanta Micro’s filter product line consists of Digitally Tunable, Analog Voltage Tunable, and Switched Sub-Octave Filters covering 2 MHz to 26.5 GHz while offering low SWaP for applications tight on space and power. These Filter products are offered in LP, HP & BP Chip-Scale SMT Filter & Filter Banks, & Miniature Tuner Chipsets. Atlanta Micro also designs & Mfrs. Custom RF Modules including Frequency Converters & RF Sub-systems. For additional information, click here.   Read More >>

2019 Product Selection Guide (PSG)
Guerrilla-RF has expanded their product offering covered in their new Production Selection Guide (PSG) for 2018. Additional New Gain Block, LNAs & FEM designs comes ot over 100 products fully qualified & in production. GRF highly integrated FEM products based on their patented Armor ®Technology eliminate Rx/Tx issues that plague every transceiver. Click this link to view the latest GaAs device products or call your MRE to get the latest details.

Guerrilla-RF PSG >>

2019 Product Selection Guide (PSG)
Integra Technologies Inc. produces superior GaN-SiC & Silicon LDMOS based discrete semiconductor devices & integrated RF Pallets for cw Comms & pulsed Radar applications. Their product portfolio continues to grow for semi-custom & custom devices designed for specific customer requirements using their patented Thermally Enhanced GaN-SiC die process. The following link provides a good overview of some of their latest products for commercial & defenese related Comms as well as high power pulsed Radar systems.

Integra Tech GaN-SiC PSG >>

Telegärtner Inc. provides military, surveillance and communications sectors compact, space-saving HF connectors which feature unique robustness and reliability and can be installed quickly and easily in the respective application. These RF & Microwave connectors and integrated cable assemblies reduce size & weight through design performance considerations during hardware development, cutting out unnessary materials resulting in lower costs as well. Click on the link below to download a copy of our RF Coaxial Product Catalog.

RF Coaxial Product Catalog >>

DIPPED & SMD Tantalum Capacitors
HONGDA Tantalum General Purpose Caps are available in CA42 Radial Epoxy Dipped or CA45 SMD packages. These low cost caps help every power conditioning design budget as well as supporting your supply chain channels for those hard to find tantalum devices. Select you specific Tantalum Cap from the following data sheets & draw down from our millions of inventoried parts.

Epoxy-Dipped GP Tantalum Caps >>

SMD GP Tantalum Caps >>

HONGDA also MFRS AEC Certified Tantalum Capacitors.


e-CAP & t-CAP Selection Guide
HONGDA is the largest manufacturer of Electrolytic and Tantalum Capacitors in Hong Kong. the following guide helps to find the correct device for your power conditioning circuits. If you can not locate the device you are looking for, just call Theta-j to help you with your selection of low-cost, high performance devices.



New 20 Watt GaN-Si Transistor
Tagore Technology has introduced a new 20 Watt GaN-Si Broadband DHEMT Transistor covering 30 to 4000MHz, #TA9310E device.  Operating at 28V, the TA9310E device achieves an efficiency >50% with very good broadband IM3-IM5 performance with small signal gain of 17.5dB to use as a driver or final stage devicee the device you are looking for, just call Theta-j to help you with your selection of low-cost, high performance devices.

Data Sheet >>


Better DC Blocking Broadband Caps
AMOTECH originally developed the ABC Series of Broadband Capacitors for 6.3Vdc to 16Vdc rated applications in 3 EIA sizes, 01005, 0201, & 0402, with values from 0.01uF to 0.1uF. These broadband signal coupling & DC blocking devices were designed for low impedance & reflections across wide bandwidths for typical temperature ranges (-55°C to +125°C) are critical. The ABCU Series expands upon these desired broadband characteristics to operate to 50Vdc for many of the GaN-Si & GaN-SiC based mm-Wave as well as optical transceiver applications & circuits.



Lowest-ESR RF Chip MLCC
AMOTECH ACQ Series are the industries lowest-ESR MLCC providing very low internal heating. This allows you to reduce the physical size cap in your layout & reduce cost at the same time. Designer Kits are stocked at each office, so you can evaluate your RF circuit for yourself. Our automation processes provide consistent reliability & our prices are the industries lowest for these high performance devices.

Our EIA size availability are: EIA0201, EIA0402, EIA0603, & EIA 0805. Click below to review the performance. S2P files are available upon request.

AMOTECH ACQ EIA0201 brief >>

AMOTECH ACQ EIA0402 brief>>

AMOTECH ACQ EIA0603 brief>>

AMOTECH ACQ EIA0805 brief>>


Renaissance Electronics has introduced a Series of broadband SMT Isolators and Circulators. These devices cover an octave while providing high reliability through a patented SMT packaging approach, reducing size, weight and costs while eliminating layout real estate by removing those expensive RF connectors.    Read More >>

Quad Hybrid SMT RF Couplers
Yantel developed a completer line of high performance Quad Hybrid SMT RF Couplers. Most are direct drop-in replacements for the hard to find custom designs, but others are designed to meet your hard to handle RF performance characteristics. For additional information, click here.   Read More >>

Networking Interconnect Products
Telegärtner Inc. provides copper and fiber components for Home, Industrial, Office & Data Center installations. Our Networking Product offering is the most complete line of Networking components and associated hardware in the industry. Office Networking Products are covered in detail in our DataVoice Office Catalog for Data and Telecommunication applications while our DataVoice Industry Catalog covers rack mount industrial communication applications. Click on the links below to download a copy of our product catalogs to find the solution for your next networking design challenge.

DV Office Catalog >>

DV Industry Catalog >>

Polymer e-CAP & t-CAP Devices
HONGDA has developed and patented Conductive Polymer Electrolytic and Tantalum based capacitors with Ultra Low-ESR performance for your high frequency switched-mode power supply applications. These devices are available in low voltage as well as high voltage rated devices.

HE2 e-CAP LV Polymer DS >>

HH2 e-CAP HV Polymer DS >>

HMA e-CAP Standard Polymer DS >>

HMB e-CAP Hi-Value Polymer DS >>

CA55 t-CAP Polymer DS >>