3D Glass Solutions Inc. - Albuquerque NM

Founded in 2006, 3D Glass Solutions (3DGS) is an innovative RF passive device design & manufacturing company that develops & builds a wide variety of novel, high performance, 3D RF passives & photonic devices using a glass-based system-in-package (SiP) approach. Leveraging the unique properties of our patented APEX® glass-ceramic material, 3DGS technology enables performance not possible with traditional 2D components.  The result is passive components with superior electrical performance and ultra-low transmission loss at high frequencies ranging from 1 to 200 GHz. 3DGS Mfrs integrated passive devices (IPDs), mmWave filters, WiFi couplers, RF Capacitors & Inductors that deliver superior performance compared to other devices of similar size & footprint for applications that serve a wide variety of industries including 5G infrastructure, 5G handsets, military/ aerospace, automotive, space & satellite communications, photonics,  optoelectronics, & consumer electronics.


AMOTECH Co., Ltd. - Seoul Korea

AMOTECH Co. Ltd. (Advanced Material-On-Technology) is an industry leader in ceramics, metals, & polymers. Founded 1994, AMOTECH’s RoHS Compliant Ceramic Solutions include: ACQ SeriesThe Industry’s Lowest ESR” MLCC (EIA0201:EIA0805); ABCU Series of proprietary designed Ultra-Broadband Caps (EIA01005:EIA0402) 6.3v to 50v to >40GHz; ACC Series Hi-Pwr (EIA1206:EIA3640) 50v to 1KV COG MLCC; ACU Series High Impulse (EIA1206:EIA2220) 250v to 3KV U2J MLCC; AC Series Hi-Pwr (EIA1206:EIA2220) 250v to 630v X7T Metal-Frame AEC-Q200 MLCC; ACZ Series Hi-Pwr (EIA2220) 900v PLZT Metal-Frame AEC-Q200 MLCC; ACS Series Large Value (EIA0402:EIA1210) 6.3v to 100v X7R, X7S & X5R Hi-REL SMPS MLCC; & AFx Series 3-Terminal (EIA0603:EIA1806 & Coaxial) 1A to 20A Power Line Feed-thru Filters.  AMOTECH’s Protective Devices include AVMC Series High-Temp ESD Varistors; AIES Series Ultra-Low Cap ESD Suppressors; AVMC Series Electric shock protection devices; & High Surge (40KA to 120KA) Disk Varistors. AMOTECH’s Ceramic EMI Filters include: ASF Series EMI ESD RC Narrow-Band Filters; ADF Series EMI ESD 4-ch WB Filters; AHFE Series Common-mode 2 & 4-ch Filters; ADMF Series Differential-mode 2 & 4-ch Filters; & ALFL Series 4-Layer Low Loss Common-mode Filters. AMOTECH’s Solid-electrolyte Ceramics used in O2 Sensor Blocks for vehicle exhaust emission systems. AMOTECH’s focus in the RF & Microwave industries is to provide the “best-in-class” ceramic product solutions, while meeting stringent specifications & offering reduced size, weight & power consumption necessary for the next generation of RF & Microwave platforms. AMOTECH continues to develop new formula while progressing towards a global leader in the automotive, communications, energy, & wireless industries. AMOTECH emphasizes a strong commitment to our customers & strives to simplify system design with innovative products, readily accessible product information & technical support.


Applied Thin Film Products (div. of Vishay) - Fremont CA

Applied Thin-Film Products (ATP) was founded in1995 with a goal of providing best-in-class, state-of-the-art thin-film circuit fabrication services. ATP offers build-to-print services for a range of metallization schemes supplied on a variety of substrate materials including As-Fired Alumina, Polished Alumina, Aluminum Nitride, Beryllium Oxide, Fused Silica/Quartz, Sapphire & Hi-K Dielectrics for RF & Microwave applications in the aerospace, defense, fiber optic & wireless marketplaces. Key ATP proprietary processes include Laser Trimming, CO2 Laser Drilling, Air Bridges/Crossovers with Polyimide & Solder Dams, Hollow Plated & Solid-Filled Via Capabilities.


Atlanta Micro Inc. - Norcross GA

Founded in 2011 with the purpose of designing and manufacturing high performance RF and Microwave products for demanding customer applications. Atlanta Micro is focused on providing best in class broadband RF solutions meeting stringent specifications while offering reduced size, weight and power consumption necessary for portable and low power platforms.  Atlanta Micro is focused on providing best in class broadband RF solutions meeting stringent specifications while offering reduced size, weight and power consumption necessary for portable and low power platforms. High Dynamic Range Broadband GaAs Amplifiers & Gain Blocks operating from DC to 26.5GHz, RF Switches operating from DC to 26.5GHz, Digital Step Attenuators operating from DC to 20GHz, Broadband Power Splitters operating from DC to 26GHz, Atlanta Micro’s filter product line consists of Digitally Tunable, Analog Voltage Tunable, and Switched Sub-Octave Filters covering 2 MHz to 26.5 GHz while offering low SWaP for applications tight on space and power. These Filter products are offered in LP, HP & BP Chip-Scale SMT Filter & Filter Banks, & Miniature Tuner Chipsets. Atlanta Micro also designs & Mfrs. Custom RF Modules including Frequency Converters & RF Sub-systems.

comnav logo


ComNav Engineering Inc. - Portland ME

Proprietary High Performance Ceramic & Lunped Element RF Filters using cross-coupled and Pole-Zero design techniques from 130MHz to 8.5GHz. Custom cross-coupled and Pole-Zero TEM and TE Cavity products from 250MHz to 8.5GHz. Lumped Element (LC) chip & wire RF Filters from DC to 3GHz optimized for high performance with pick & place construction for high volume. Free design software to design and analyze Ceramic, Cavity and LC designs. ComNav provides design outlines, schematics and S-Parameters/Fourier pulse/power analysis and generates S2P files.


Frequency Electronics Inc. - Mitchel Field NY

Time & Frequency Oscillator Products, including Double Oven OCXO's, Cesium & Rubidium Atomic Standards for LTE, W-CDMA & P25 Network Timing applications. Low-G Sensitivity OCXO for airborne defense as well as Space Qualified Oscillator and distribution equipments, Frequency Distribution Amplifiers & Systems, Custom Hybrids & Miniature DC/DC Converters covers all markets.


GUERRILLA-RF - Greensboro NC

Innovative and High Performance GaAs MMIC devices and integrated FEM for Wireless applications. Our products provide the user with key advantages over their competitors for backhaul, repeater, booster and small cell applications. Our LNA products have the lowest NF in the industry.  By integrating our LNA devices along with our patented Armor ® Technology into our FEM designs, we provide the user with spectral regrowth reductions while allowing maximum transmit power.

HONGDA Capacitors - HK

Hongda Capacitors is a manufacturer of Aluminum Electrolytic and Tantalum Capacitors. Founded in 1999, Hongda has more than 20 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying capacitors to the demanding global electronic industry. Racked the largest Tantalum supplier in China, Hongda has 5 advanced Tantalum production lines. Hongda patented high energy Tantalum and Polymer Tantalum capacitors are produced on highly automated equipment with embedded quality control systems. Hongda has 2 inhouse Tantalum Research Centers & 1 Reliability Test Lab. Hongda focus on providing the highest quality & environmentally friendly products & services to meet customer's total satisfaction. Hongda e-CAP Products offers a wide range of Aluminum Electrolytic chip capacitors (SMD e-CAP), including standard ambient-temperature (HCS Series), high-temperature (HCK Series), low impedance (HLZ-HKZ-HFZ Series), low leakage (HSC Series), long life (HKH-HEL-HKL Series), & Non-Polarized (HCN-HKP Series), high reliability chip electrolytic capacitors. Hongda also offers Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors Chip Type (HH2-HE2 Series) with Low-ESR for high ripple current applications. Hongda Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Chip Capacitors (HMA-HMB Series) are widely used on LCD-TV, Automotive, Game Machine, GPS, & Cellular Base Station (BTS). Hongda t-CAP Products offer a range of Tantalum Capacitors including General Purpose (CA42-CA45 Series), automotive grade (QCA45 Series), high temperature (HCS Series), THC, Polymer (CA55 Series), Liquid Tantalum, & high-energy Tantalum Capacitors. Hongda Tantalum Products are used on automotive, boats, commercial aircraft, consumer electronics, industrial electronics & military programs. Hongda is an IATF16949 certified factory & obtained GJB9001C:2017 military Tantalum Capacitor Qualification status from the Ministry of Defense.

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Integra Technologies, Inc. - El Segundo CA

Integra Technologies, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of state-of-the-art RF Semiconductor Transistors, Integrated Amplifier Modules and High Power Amplifier Pallets (HPA). Integra Technologies internally fabricated GaN- SiC HEMT & GaN-Si HEMT, Si LDMOS, Si Bipolar and VDMOS Transistor technologies are packaged to customer requirements and used in all of their modules and pallets. Power levels from 10 watts to 2400 watts in a single device covering narrowband to ultra-wideband applications from HF to Ka-Band are standard.

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Massachusetts Bay Technologies - Stoughton MA

Massachusetts Bay Technologies is a manufacturer of RF/Microwave Silicon Diodes, Abrupt Tuning & multiplier Varactors, Step Recovery Diodes, PIN Beam Lead, High Power PIN Diode, PIN Diodes, Limiter Diodes, Schottky Diodes, Point Contact Diodes, custom & discontinued diodes. Silicon MIS, MIC chip capacitors, Binary chip capacitors, Silicon Thin Film Resistor chips, AlN Thin Film Attenuators, & Quartz Spiral Inductors. Package assembly services & HI-REL testing to Space level. ISO9001:2008 & ITAR Certified.

REC logo


Renaissance Electronics Corporation - Harvard MA

RoHS Compliant commercial & military connectorized & Drop-In SMT Coaxial Microstrip or Stripline Ferrite Isolators & Circulators covering 40MHz to 40GHz, Power 4KW and 120% BW – RFI specs to -100dBc & better, RF MEMS Switches, Couplers, Combiners, Dividers, LNAs, Switch Matrices, DC Blocks, and Basestation Products. HXI Products, including Millimeter wave Components and Subsystems from 5GHz to 140GHz, including Mixers, Low Noise Amplifiers, Frequency Multipliers, Gunn and DRO Oscillators, Isolators ,Circulators, PIN Switch Assemblies, Attenuators, Detectors, Multipliers, Upconverters, SATCOM, Communication and Radar Systems.

SAWNICS Inc. - South Korea

RoHS Compliant RF & IF SAW Filters, Duplexers, Resonators and Delay Lines. Low Cost, high performance Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) devices for infrastructure and high volume handset and wireless applications. Products include RF bands to 2500MHz, IF bands from 30MHz to 650MHz in plastic or metal shielded SMT packages.

TAGORE TECHNOLOGY Inc. - Arlington Heights IL

Founded in 2011, Tagore Technology uses both GaN-Si & CMOS highly efficient fabrication processes. Tagore’s experienced RF & power management design team, produces a line low cost GaN-Si RF power amplifier & RF Switch devices with integrated control & power management circuitry as well as stand-alone power management controllers for charging apps. Tagore’s proprietary device designs significantly reduces complexity, size and power consumption of commercial and military RF Wireless networks & sub-systems. 

Telegartner Inc. - Bensonville IL & Steinenbronn Germany

Interconnect Components & Systems for Aerospace, Fiber Optics, Industrial, Networking, Radar, Satellite, & Telecomm. Telegärtner copper (RJ-45) & Fiber Optic Cable products support Industrial, Home, Office, & Data Center Networking Installations. Telegärtner RF Coaxial Products cover DC to 40GHz for Aerospace, Radar, Satellite, & Telecomm Applications. Telegärtner Precision Turned Parts are for all industries & the Plastic Injection Molded Parts are used in Industrial & Medical (CT, NMR non-mag, & Ultra-Sound) Equipments. Telegärtner Custom Cable Assemblies are designed to meet your specific interconnect requirements. Telegärtner Coaxial RF & Microwave Connectors are designed for both inline & panel mount applications. These include QLS, SMA, R-SMA, SMB/SMC/SMS, SMP, MCX, MMCX, SSMB, BNC, R-BNC, TNC, R-TNC, Mini-UHF, 1.6-5.6, pH, F, FME, 7-16, N, 4.3-10 & UHF connectors as well as intra-series adaptors, phase matched test sets for AT&E & cabling sub-assemblies, assembly tools & hardware.                                                        .

yantel logo

Yantel Corporation - Shenzhen China

RoHS Compliant Patented Miniature Variable Attenuators, Continuous or Stepped configruations, Patented Temperature Compensated Chip Attenuators, DC Bias Tees, Connectorized LNA in a Coaxial Tube, Patented SMT RF Quad Hybrid Couplers and Directional SMT RF Couplers and High Efficiency Temp Comp GaAs FETs Devices.

US Distributor - CAM/PRC Pittsburgh PA