Technical Assistance 

For Our Customers:

At Theta-j Associates, we specialize in the RF/Microwave and Millimeter-Wave industries. By focusing our attention on a synergistic product line-up and market focus, our sales personnel can provide design assistance and direction for our customers in the selection of critical RF & Microwave Components and Assemblies for their Wireless Applications. Our goal is to provide the most cost effective system solution for a given architecture. From concept through production, we provide seamless application support for our customers back to our suppliers.

  • Discuss design details and performance criteria with customer and recommend solutions
  • Provide necessary performance data in applicable format for customer application
  • Provide competitive pricing for annual program usage for customer review and approval
  • Request and deliver necessary evaluation units or prototypes
  • Support final specification generation and approval
  • Manage Prototype build delivery and proto procurement efforts
  • Coordinate Qualification and Documentation efforts
  • Provide lead-time support and Track Purchase Orders

For Our Suppliers:

Theta-j Associates provides our suppliers with the necessary Program Marketing and Sales Information so the proper decisions governing investments are made for growth and support of our Customers and Strategic OEM Partners. Design applicability and lead qualification decisions are made upon initial contact ruling out unnecessary use of engineering resources.

  • Provide Discovery of Opportunities
  • Focal Point of Contact for the factory
  • Lead Qualification and Design Applicability
  • Provide Program Strategies and Support Outline
  • Provide feedback for Competitive Quoting
  • Supply Qualification Guidelines and support Qualification efforts
  • Manage Sales efforts for the factory
  • Responsible for Meeting Sales Budgets
  • Generate Activity Reports for factory
  • Coordinate necessary travel in territory
  • Provide Accurate Program Forecasts