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book icon Industry Profiles - lists the applicable industries driven by Technology Advances and our state-of-the-art solutions and capabilities for system level superior performance.

Aerospace & Defense
The listing provides insight into programs active by both the commercial aerospace and military industries sustaining resource demand on our team of MREs. Read More>>

EV and hybrids are just the beginning the third generation of the impact that RF applications has brought to this industry. Wait until you see the future, it is really mind-blowing to watch this industry demand more RF content. Read More>>

GNSS Navigation & Timing Systems
Our Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) are getting an upgrade with the New GPS-II (F) launches scheduled over the next few years. With improved accuracy and higher precision network timing, the use of these networks will only increase and the FAA has plans to implement flight tracking and landing with these improvement. For a more indepth technical overview, click on the following link for FEI's Tutorial on the Basics of GPS.


The following links are for GNSS Filters that have been developed as an off-the-shelf selected product covering many GPS Receiver Applications.

GPS L1-L2 Diplexer Filter >>

GPS L1-L3 Diplexer Filter >>

GPS L1 Pre-Select BP Filter >>

GPS L2 Pre-Select BP Filter >>

GPS Ruggedized BP Filter >>

Homeland Security & Public Safety (P25)
The listing of Homeland Security and APCO25 networks plays an important role in our daily lives. This quick program overview outlines current development activity across this industry. Read More>>

Higher efficiency design approaches for RF Amplifier Technology and Power Conversioni products are playing a major role in industrial applications over the last five years. Read this to understand how it will impact your industrial application. Read More>>

RF has always been a factor in medical technologies. Now more than ever its usage has a major stake in integration and performance, this lists applications that are critical for patient safety and longevity.      Read More>>

Space environments are tough on electronic components and assemblies mainly due to heat and thermal management issues. Life expectacy vs budgetary concerns are also tradeoffs that many of these systems have to tolerate. Our Microwave components and oscillator assemblies for space environments are flying on most satellite applications currently deployed. Click on the following links to review our capabilities for both our Microwave components as well as our Timing Systems for an understanding of the breath of our high reliability capabilities for each technology.   

Renaissance Electronics Space >>

FEI Space based Timing Systems >>

Telecom has its ups and downs, but 3G, 4G and beyond will impact both your work life and home life in more than ever before as these networks are deployed, here is a brief outline of how it will affect your life.  Read More>>

Test & Measurement
As we approach higher levels of integration, the measurement techniques get more involved as well. These applications will blow your mind. Read More>>