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conference icon Tutorials are always a big help on getting your team up to speed or just staying on top of current technology trends. The following Tutorials can be used for either individual training or our MREs are always available to present these in a "Lunch & Learn" environment at your facilities. You supply the students and we supply the technical instructors.

ABC's of RF Components
Our MREs contour technical presentations covering many of the RF & Microwave components and/or sub-systems. The ABC's of RF Components is our entry level presentation to get your team up to speed quickly on the basics of RF Active & Passive Components. It provides an understanding of tradeoffs that confront them on a daily basis, what is allowable and what is not, options and tolerancing Pro's and Con's. Contact your Acct MRE and schedule a presentation, the outline can be contoured to meet the needs or your team and can last one hour or an afternoon.      Read More>>

Antenna Design 101
The custom design and use of all passive devices are the only way to optimize your RF circuits, so picking a passive device off the shelf will only get you in the ballpark, not fully peaked as need be. Antennas are more critical to system performance than all of the other signal chain building blocks. It is imperative that you learn as much as you can about their design and construction of your antenna to optimize your Transmitter and/or Receiver operation. Read More>>

Ferrite Circulator - Isolator Design 101
RF Ferrite Circulators and Isolators are passive devices that provide predicted isolation between any number of ports. Restricted to the physics of magnetic attraction, these devices play an important part of many transmission technics in amplifiers and their associated RF circuitry. This tutorial provides an understanding of the best approach to achieving system level performance while providing necessary tradeoffs of single or multiple junction devices in your system. Read More>>

Low Noise Amplifier Design 101
The LNA has to be able to keep first stage noise parameters in check or the results will be disastrous. Understanding the inter-play between first to second stage matching and their effects on each other is critical. This tutorial will provide that understanding and assist you in your design efforts, making sure it is right the first time. Read More>>

Magnetics Design 101
Not a magnetic guru - not many are left in our industry. This tutorial will get you up to speed quickly and without all the distrations that you will experience on your own. This is the stuff your professor forgot to teach you in the lab.     Read More>>

Oscillators - cost effective selection
Whether Ceramic, Quartz or rubidium based, this tutorial provides quick and exacting understanding of the specmanship and design tradeoffs when specifying an oscillator for your system development.   Read More>>

SAR Testing
This topic has more coverage by the media than any other topic, yet it is also the most misunderstood. This paper by John Lofgren presents a quick and accurate understanding of allowable exposure and consequences that effect the user.      Read More>>