New Products 

usb iconTheta-j Associates works with their customers to provide the highest performing components and sub-assemblies for their customer applications. This section covers many of the products that can be shared with the general public, as many are confined to non-disclosure and proprietary situations. Contact your local MRE if you have an idea without a manufacturing home for that idea, as we may be able to find a partner from within our suppliers and partners.

New Product Selection Guide (PSG)
New Products are pouring out of Guerrilla-RF, so keep checking the link below for new announcements on our highly integrated FEM products based on their patented Armor ®Technology. These devices eliminate Rx/Tx issues that plague every transceiver. Click this link to view the latest PSG or call your MRE to get the latest details. Read More>>

Super Low Nosie GaAs pHEMT Chip
BeRex Inc. introduced a new line of 0.15um GaAs pHEMT Low Noise Amplifier chips covering 1GHz to 26GHz applications with a sweet spot from 1GHz to 12GHz where the noise figure stays below 0.4dB ! Contact your MRE or click on the following link to review the Data Sheets for these high performance devices available in die form.   Read More>>

The "New" GOLD Standard – 800R Series
ATC continues to lead the industry when it comes to high performance Ultra-Low ESR RF MLCs, with the release of their New 800 dielectric. The 800 provides the user true bandwidth operation while achieving the industry's lowest ESR across broad band widths. The R case size sets a new GOLD standard for our industry, operating at the highest achievable RF current levels of any RF Chip Cap.  Read More>>

EMI Filtered Connectors
Phoenix Co. introduced a complete line of integrated Filtered Connectors to eliminate those unwanted or unknown sources of noise in your cables and interconnect systems. Our products are custom designed to fit your application electrically, mechanically and environmentally. Contact your account MRE to discuss the details to provide you with a quick and precise response to what can be achieved. Our D-Sub & Filter Plate Fact Sheets can be reviewed to assist you.  Read More>>

Increased Crystal Filter R&D Efforts
Oscilent Corporation continues to increase expenditures aimed at bolstering Engineering and Design capabilities in the custom segment of Monolithic Crystal Filter products. These expenditures increase the competitive position of Oscilent by lowering Design and Development cost, increasing the speed of introducing new products into production, and decreasing the lead times normally associated with the Crystal Filter product category.  Read More>>

Q3 GIFU RF SMT Ceramic Resonators
Q3 GIFU has developed a line of SMT RF Coaxial Ceramic Resonators with the industry's highest Q achievable, sizes from 1.8mm to 12mm Square and dielectric Er from 9 to 190. Q3 GIFU SMT Resonators outperform all competitors with 25 to 30% higher Q for your onboard filter and oscillator applications. Contact our Engineers for additional data & samples.   Read More>>

True SMT Octave Isolators
Renaissance Electronics has introduced a Series of broadband SMT Isolators and Circulators. These devices cover an octave while providing high reliability through a patented SMT packaging approach, reducing size, weight and costs while eliminating layout real estate by removing those expensive RF connectors.   Read More>>

Quad Hybrid SMT RF Couplers
Yantel developed a completer line of high performance Quad Hybrid SMT RF Couplers. Most are direct drop-in replacements for the hard to find custom designs, but others are designed to meet your hard to handle RF performance characteristics. For additional information, click here.   Read More>>
New GPS Antenna for Mobile Applications
Phoenix Co. of Chicago has introduced one Active and one Passive GPS Antennas for Mobile applications. These robust designs are integrated into the connector housing to shield and protect in the harshest environments that you can throw their way.   Read More>>

Ultra-Broadband Capacitors – 550L Series
Another New UBC Capacitor has been released by ATC. The New 550L UBC is our Low Cost version with flatter performance across a wider bandwidth than the 530L UBC or the 545L UBC Devices. Contact your MRE for test data & performance plots.  Read More >>

30% lower cost PECL/LVDS Oscillators
Oscilent Corporation developed a family of cost effective, high performance Oscillators for use in 1Gbps to 4Gbps Fiber Channels, Host Bus Adapters, Raid Controllers, and Fiber Channel Switch applications. At a price point expected to be at least 30% less than current pricing through the use of a low noise PLL design with a low Jitter VCO, this family of oscillators can reach volume production in 5 weeks.  With a Phase Jitter of less than 1.0ps, and tight stability over extended Operating Temperature Range (0 - 85 Celsius).  106.25MHz through 212.5MHz Oscillators available in both LVPECL and LVDS Outputs in our standard ultra-miniature 5x7 mm seam sealed ceramic 6 pad package.  Read More>>


NDK & Quartz Crystal X-Ref INFO
Oscilent Corporation has long recognized the need for offering seamless second sourcing & device cross reference guidance for both NDK Quartz Crystal & Crystal Oscillator products as they are a common source to industry design engineers. Oscilent Corporation manufactures many drop-in replacement devices meeting the specs for both NDK & Crystal style products. In most cases, we can offer considerable improvements in cost & lead-times as compared to NDK standard practices. Our staff is qualified to cross reference the latest competitor specs and provide fit-form-function device performance specifications. For all of your second sourcing requirements, we recommend contacting your Theta-j MRE or click on the following link to search our library of devices for competitive products.  Read More>>

HIGH SPEED Aerospace Connectors
MIL-CON , a subsidiary of Phoenix Co. of Chicago, has introduced a high speed data connector series for aerospace applications. Capable of integrating power, signal, and RF into a single connector designed to meet most harsh environments.    Read More>>