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A list of Professional Organizations related to RF and Wireless industries

Theta-j Associates has a long standing relationship with the IEEE, and cooperates with several of their committees on a regular basis.

Theta-j Associates advertises on LinkedIn and connects with many key personnel and friends in the RF & Microwave Industry.

LS Research
LS Research is the premier wireless product development company specializing in RF design including hardware, CAD, antenna design, software development, FCC / CE certification services as well as offering certified radio modules and smart energy devices. LS Research is at the forefront of the latest wireless technologies including BLE, Zigbee, Wireless USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, and UWB. We design wireless products to help our clients take their business to the next level through technical innovation. LS Research has developed a long history of helping both Fortune 500 companies and startups with new product development.      Site Link>>

MRP Prescient Wireless Inc.
Prescient Wireless is an established supplier of Radio Frequency (RF) products and design services to the commercial and military wireless markets. With extensive experience in the areas of communications system architecture, RF subsystem design and RF subsystem manufacture, Prescient Wireless is well positioned to meet the needs of the emerging 4G broadband market, as well as the next generation public safety and tactical communications system markets. In addition to excelling in the communications space, Prescient Wireless also utilizes its strong innovation and integration capabilities to design and develop advanced avionics solutions in support of the commercial and military aerospace industry, as well as state of the art RF solutions for the medical industry.      Site Link>>

Revtel Inc.
RevTel Inc. is focused on customer oriented product development of smart electronic products. Many are enabled by processors with internet or computer connectivity. RevTel designs always use the latest technologies and up-to-date components. RevTel designs cover a wide range of design expertise enabling our customers to introduce their innovative products ideas into real world products. Site Link>>

RF Cafe
RF Cafe is a resource site for the RF & Microwave Engineer to find interesting articles, component products and design solutions, that can be used in everyday design work.    Site Link>>

RCR Wireless
RCR Wireless is an editorial journal focused on our wireless industry. It provides daily announcements and commentary covering events and industry changes.    Site Link>>